Trinocular Microscope

Trinocular Microscope
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  • HEAD: Precise Binocular Trinocular and Monocular anti-glare coated prism optical system with dual diopter adjustments and interpupillary distance settings
  • Inclined 45� and rotates 360�
  • STAND: Sturdy and stable features coaxial low positioned coarse and fine focusing with adjustable tension control for maximum comfort and convenience for personal user preference
  • Automatic focus stop for rapid image focusing
  • NOSEPIECE: Ball-bearing dustproof quadruple revolving nosepiece with positive click-stops for parcentration
  • STAGE: Double plate ball bearing adjustable dovetail built-in graduated mechanical stage (150 x 138 mm)
  • Low coaxial controls accommodating slides 75 x 50 mm (3 x 2 ) with easily removable slide holder
  • SUBSTAGE: Precentered two lens Abbe condenser N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm and filter holder adjustable by rack and pinion control
  • BASE ILLUMINATOR: The die-cast alloy base provides the ruggedness and stability necessary for years of heavy use
  • The improved built-in solid state illuminator circuit with 3-wire line cord is completely variable with an on-off switch and contains a double aspheric field lens system with filter to provide the proper brightness required for all contrast techniques
  • Trap door makes bulb replacement fast and easy
  • OPTICS: All optical surfaces are coated for maximum glare-free resolution and contrast
  • EYEPIECES: High eyepoint widefield 10x (18 mm field of view)
  • OBJECTIVES: DIN standard flatfield achromats parfocal parcenter and color-coded
  • 4x (N.A. 0.10)
  • 10x (N.A. 0.25)
  • 40x (N.A. 0.65)
  • 100x (N.A. 1.25) Oil Immersion
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