Low Air Loss/Alternating Press System 35 x80 x8 (Mason)

Low Air Loss/Alternating Press System 35 x80 x8 (Mason)
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  • One of the most advanced systems in the Masonair series
  • The microprocessor sensor technology provides continuous feedback to equalize pressure and maximize patient comfort
  • The mattress consists of (20) 8inch high cell-on-cell designed air bladders
  • In case of a power failure the bottom 4inch air cell will remain inflated offering sufficient weight support for the patient
  • The patented cell-on-cell design allows for rapid inflation and deflation of the air mattress while providing excellent pressure disbursement
  • Removable non-shear anti-microbial cover
  • Slip-resistent mat and securing straps on the mattress base for added safety
  • Head Pillow feature
  • CPR feature allows for rapid deflation of mattress system
  • Adjustable comfort range with easy operating control knob
  • Static function can suspend the alternating mode (has auto-recovery feature)
  • Microprocessor pressure sensing technology to produce low pressure support
  • Visible and audible alarms with Alarm Mute feature (3 minute auto-return feature)
  • Large air filter intake and zipper-all-around cover for easy maintenance
  • Transport mode by interconnecting quick connectors
  • Spring loaded tube to prevent any kinks for smoother airflow
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